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Murder Mystery: Halloween Wild West

Thursday, October 31
Show | 6:30pm // Doors | 6:30pm

This package includes your hotel room and participation in the Murder Mystery with a standing dinner and a celebratory cocktail to end the night. Cash bar for other beverages is available throughout the evening. Check into your room starting at 3 PM, then join your fellow party guests at 6:30 PM dressed as your assigned character to solve the murder case that unfolds throughout the evening! Make your reservations by 10/22 to participate.

Given the current state of affairs in Gravestone, Arizona, the mayor feared for his life and hadn’t seen the sun in months. With the last three sheriffs mysteriously shot in the back, Gravestone had become a lawless town run by a bunch of outlaws known as The Ranchers. Wylie Arp, the sheriff of Duck City, Kansas, left his career as a lawman and traveled west to Gravestone with his brothers and friends. He planned to sink his life savings into a business and live the rest of his days free from the stress of law enforcement. Little did he know what was waiting for him in Gravestone. Soon after Wylie and his group arrived in town, the mayor asked Bella Starry to invite everyone in town for a celebration. The mayor had high hopes that Wylie and his brothers would consider taking over as the law enforcement in town and getting The Ranchers under control or better yet…running them out of town. This is where your story begins…